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Illustration Roulette Four: Horoscope Garden

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This week's roulette is decidedly mellow. We had only two words to work with, making for some chill and tasteful illustrations. New week, new us!



Katherine's roulette is a two-parter. It's very "the numbers, what do they mean?!" It speaks truth to the fact that some people will find meaning in just about anything.


The Zodiac constellation Virgo is found on the pricklies of this cactus. That definitely means something. It's a sign. Literally.

Allison's roulette is a magnificent garden of astrological fruits and veggies. Every sign has that one plant that really resonates with it, you know? 

Allison and Katherine are both radishes. Scorpios are tooooootally radishes. Do you agree with your sign's food designation? Do share.

We like these illos so much, we may just use them as art print inspiration! An entire watercolor Zodiac series? Into it.

Did you follow this week's prompt? Go tag #psillustrationroulette on Instagram and we'll feature your entry! 


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